Master Your Money Mindset and Live a Life of Freedom and Wealth

Do you wonder how some people seem to find a path to wealth and abundance so easily? Yet others struggle and never seem to get ahead.

There’s nothing magic or special about the first type of person and nothing less special about the second person.

The only difference lies in their way of thinking, that’s it.

Change your thinking and your change your life.

Personally, I used to struggle with the idea of focusing my life on making money. It felt like I was focusing on something negative, as though money itself was a conduit to suffering and an unjust world. I left a very good corporate job because I didn’t want to trade my ‘life’ for the daily grind, trying to climb the ladder in exchange for the almighty dollar.

What I didn’t realize was that my attitude and my point of view were coming from a place of fear of having, a fear of guilt and confusion around suffering. I thought people with money were all greedy.

Wow, was I was wrong. I was in a state of self discovery but I hadn’t yet come to understand that money is a gift, a responsibility and a conduit to help those in need, to make change in the world, to allow me to be a giver and a provider. If you don’t yet understand this, then the universe will not reflect the gift of abundance in your life until you do.

What can you Achieve with a Positive Money Mindset?

Mastering your money mindset means finding financial freedom, whether that’s becoming mortgage free, becoming a millionaire or even a billionaire. Maybe you want to make $5,000 a month or $100,000 a month, its completely up to you!

Uncovering your money mindset means so many other amazing things… such as having a life of freedom, prosperity, a life of abundance and wealth, financial security, traveling, achieving your dreams, providing for your family and giving them opportunities in life.

Mastering your money mindset means a life of freedom and choices.

Freedom from stress and unproductive anxiety and frustration.

It means a life of self-respect, fulfillment and happiness, a life giving and serving your fellow humans, changing the world in a positive, enlightened way.

Mastering your money mindset means self-love and acceptance.

Where do I start, you say?

Lets get to the root of it all… how do we get to the point of mastering our money mindset?

We start at the very beginning, with a simple question…

What exactly is a money mindset anyway?

Your money mindset is your attitude, belief and resulting behavior around money.

Mindset = Attitude

We’ve all had different experiences in life that shaped our belief systems and our attitudes. Some are more obvious than others. A money mindset can be one of those belief systems that we carry around within us subconsciously and that can be influenced without a lot of conscious thought.

Often, we simply think what we think, without actually choosing our thoughts.

To the conscious mind, a positive money mindset is a chosen mindset.

Lets put it into perspective.

Your money mindset is no different concerning the idea of money than it is the idea of love.

We learn to love from our experiences of being loved, from our childhood, from our family and from society. We take our experiences and interpret our own perception and awareness of what it means to love and be loved. Sometimes in life we realize we have to make changes to our interpretation to have a healthy emotional life, to love and be loved. So we make those changes.

This idea of love is the same for money. Sometimes we must realize we have to make changes to our interpretation of money. We have to change our perception and awareness of money to have a healthy money mindset, to accept money, to enjoy money, to feel deserving of money and so much more.

I expect that in your life you’ve created and experienced many changes in your mindset towards love in order to achieve your desires. Likely without even knowing it. Having an open mindset emotionally is made easy and acceptable because its encouraged in our society.

Your money mindset is the same. You need to figure out what you need to change in your mindset towards money in order to have a healthy relationship with money. To experience a life of abundance, wealth and freedom.

I’ve created a cheatsheet and worksheet to get you started on changing and opening your mindset towards money. I’ve listed some of the key points you need to remind yourself of every day to evolve your mindset and work towards creating a life of abundance.

If you’re serious about changing your money mindset and building a life of wealth, freedom and abundance, have a look at my new eBook, Rich Revolution – The enlightened entrepreneurs path to abundance, wealth & success through a spiritual money mindset! You can read more about it here. It includes my 10 Principles to Create a Successful Money Mindset, with actionable steps, a journey of self discovery and enlightenment plus a free workbook.


How to Have an Ethical Money Mindset

Money often has a different connotation within our society. Sometimes people feel that having a goal to be rich is ‘unattractive’ or that its not an ethical focus or ambition. Certainly there are those wealthy people who do make a living unethically, however there are many, many more rich people or millionaires who give far more than they take. They earn their income ethically and honestly and they give millions of dollars away to change the world.

Money is simply a tool and has no inherent immoral traits of its own, so why is it sometimes demonized? Why do we put blame on the money itself? It would be like condemning paint brushes because an artist created a painting that some people found offensive. We would never consider doing that.

Download your FREE Money Mindset Cheatsheet & Worksheet

Money is a creative tool that sometimes gets used for negative reasons but the fault is not with the money itself, it with the person who has made the choices to use money in a negative or harmful manner.

Lets change our focus and our words to maintain a positive image of a life of wealth and abundance. Instead of words often associated with rich people such as greed or selfishness lets use words like prosperity, philanthropist, mentor or influencer. These positive words are well respected and accepted words within our society.

Along with a rich life of wealth and abundance comes a big responsibility.

To have success continuously you need to commit to yourself that you’ll only do good things with your money, that you’ll not only enrich your life but those of others as well. That you’ll earn money in a positive, honest and ethical way. This way if you have any subconscious hesitations in earning your wealth because of societies influences, you will have a commitment and a path of positivity and giving to support you along your journey.

Having a money mindset starts with your own acceptance and perception of actually having a money mindset.

Even this quote from the bible (and I’m not specifically religious) acknowledges that ‘having’ is part of our lives:

To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.

This is not written because this is how it is. It not decreed or a prophecy. The bible is not saying that some people are chosen to have and others are chosen to not have. The reason this is written is because a person decrees their future. A person decrees their mindset. The mindset determines their future. Someone who has the mindset, understanding and acceptance of how and why to ‘have’ will be given. Someone who has the mindset of loss or of being undeserving, will have what he has taken away.

Take the First Step to your Money Mindset

As we talked about above, you don’t need to be a rich, greedy business owner, you can be a prosperous entrepreneur who’s success enables others to have more and learn more. Someone who gives to her community and makes a difference in the world because she has a level of power and influence her success has given her.

First you must accept the concept of having a money mindset.

Then, decide on your perception of a money mindset. Who are you going to be?

Once you’ve accepted having a money mindset and created a positive perception of a money mindset then you’ll be able to start to implement, reflect and put into action the principles for a money mindset in my eBook.

To have a money mindset you need to be thinking about giving, not about what you can get out of something. If you’re always looking at what you can ‘get’ during a relationship with your customers, subscribers or a sales call then you won’t forge successful long term relationships.

If your mindset comes from a place of serving and giving you will find the right path to success. You will find a path that creates positivity, respect and fulfillment within yourself and those that you serve.

5 Tips for a Successful Money Mindset

  1. Have the right attitude

  2. Have good intentions

  3. Be honest and ethical

  4. Focus on giving, not what you’ll get

  5. Allow yourself to receive

I believe in developing a money mindset from a place of love, positive intentions and giving back to the world. From this place we can experience personal freedom, achieve our dreams, leave legacies and change the world one enlightened, wealthy woman at time. This is my focus and goal in having a money mindset and is the essence behind my principles, strategies and systems in my soon to be released eBook, Profits & Passion, A Money Mindset.

If you’re serious about changing your money mindset have a look at my new 107 page eBook – The enlightened entrepreneurs path to abundance, wealth & success through a spiritual money mindset!

Grab your FREE Money Mindset Cheatsheet and Worksheet right now and get started on your new journey to an abundant, enlightened life. Click here to download your set now.

I hope this post has opened your mind to a new way of thinking and new possibilities. Its so easy to be blind to our own very thoughts that guide our life. Making the decision to take control and decide what your thoughts are is a big first step!

Actually changing your thoughts, taking actions and implementing a plan to make yourself wealthy or a millionaire is absolutely attainable. Millions of people have done it and so can you!