Thanks for stopping by my new blog!

Welcome! I’m SO EXCITED to start sharing as much information as I can about business for women! Its been a crazy passion and part of my life for a long time. I’ve worked in marketing and business management for other companies and have a couple of my own businesses as well.

I really wanted to be able to share information and network with other women who are working or interested in business and entrepreneurship. I find we really need to support each other because business can be a tough world to navigate.

So please join me on this journey as I talk about my own business experiences, both the good times and the bad, the right the decisions and the mistakes – I’ll be sharing it all! I’ll also be sharing my tips and tricks in business, teaching some courses and creating e-books and worksheets! Whew! I’m tired just talking about it. On top of that I’m running a successful Etsy shop with over 2400 sales, a new website and wholesale accounts. I also created and own a directory for children’s illustrators as well. It’s all been great fun and a ton of work but I absolutely love it! For more info about me, click here.

I’m looking forward to sharing information and meeting some new friends!

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