4 Selling Tips for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs


Selling used to be a real problem for me. Being a sensitive, heart-centered, creative person I hated the idea of selling.

But I soon realized that… without sales, I had no business!… Making sales are a MUST!

I knew that I had to figure out a way, a way that I was comfortable selling, that I felt proud of and that was authentically me. I wanted my business to work and I wanted to empower and fulfill female entrepreneurs!

So, I decided to look backwards, into my past.

I never considered myself to be a good sales person until one day I started really evaluating my past in relation to sales…

I remembered my shock when a few people (that I was actually selling to) told me that I was a really good sales person! It shocked me at the time and I thought, “I’m not a sales person, I don’t identify with that”. Then I started to realize, I had actually been pretty good at sales…I had won almost every weekly bonus one summer for a corporate job I had ‘selling’, I had one of the highest conversion rates at another job and my own customers told me I was good at selling!

It was then that I realized, I had never identified with being a ‘sales person’ because that’s not what I ever considered that I was doing.

I didn’t look at any of it as sales.

I didn’t treat it like sales, I didn’t approach it like sales and I NEVER considered myself a ‘sales person’! That was it, that was the key!

So eventually, after a lot of inner work and strategies, selling became something different. It was no longer something I dreaded or felt uncomfortable about, I felt proud of what I was doing!

I started selling as my most authentic, true and highest self.

What is your mind telling you about selling and where are your natural skills? Your mindset and skills around selling can definitely make or break your business. So it’s important to develop a specific psychological relationship to the process of selling. You need to come to terms with it somehow in your own mind and accept that it can be a positive process.

People can see when you’re uncomfortable selling, or don’t want to sell, or don’t believe in what you’re selling. Or maybe you’re just doing what you ‘think’ you should be doing, people can see that too!

Here are 4 of my top SELLING TIPS!


1. Release the negative emotion. This can be a process but you need to get rid of the negative emotion and mindset that you may be carrying around money. This means selling, having money, getting money, spending money, the value of money in your life, all of it! This will only hold you back without you even realizing it.

2. Use storytelling to sell to your audience. Tell a relevant story that your audience can relate to, that motivates them and encourages them to work with you and shows the benefits and your commitment to them.

3. Build trust during your call. Don’t talk about you, talk about them. Find out what’s important to them, what problem they’re trying to solve and why. If you can help them with your product or service then tell them how it can help them or solve their problems. If it’s not right for them at this time then tell them that, don’t try to sell when it’s obviously not the right fit.

4. ASK FOR THE SALE! So many people are too shy to do this. You have to ask for it or they’ll think you don’t want to sell anything to them at that point. Tell them how they pay you or what the next steps are, if they’d like to purchase your offer. Don’t say “here’s what I have go ahead and think about it and let me know!” Please don’t say that! If you’ve asked for the sale, told them how they can pay and next steps etc. and THEY SAY they need some time then find out why and see if you can answer the questions that are holding them back from saying yes now. If after all that they still need time then of course honour that BUT tell them you’ll follow up and WHEN. And then DO IT! Follow up until they give you an answer either way.

These selling tips should get you started with selling in a much more positive way with much better results! There’s still A LOT MORE you can learn to become comfortable at selling, to bring in a lot of money and start to look forward to it rather than dread it and avoid it.

Selling is the heart beat of your business after all!

With love, get out there and start connecting authentically with your people!

xx Kerrie


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