My Most Productive Mantra!

If you’re anything like me you’ve got a million things you want to get done for your business. You’re working your butt off getting some of them done but you’re hesitant to finalize your work because it just doesn’t seem good enough yet!

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Your brain says ‘its just not perfect’ so you wait and put it aside.

You move onto something else to keep the momentum going and suddenly you’re working on a ton of different things! Now, you have a bunch of great stuff started but nothing’s finished!

If this sounds like you, say these words out loud right now–>> “Progress not Perfection”

It was such a relief to me one day when I heard this… I mean actually heard it and let it impact my thinking! I’d probably ‘heard’ it hundreds of times before my brain processed the fact that I should apply it to my life.

Remembering these three words have propelled my productivity exponentially! I don’t feel the pressure to make sure everything’s absolutely perfect, just completed! I know that I can always go back later on if I want and make improvements or changes.

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How to focus on Progress not Perfection:

  1. Be kind to yourself and don’t expect impossible results!
  2. Break up your bigger goals into shorter to-do lists so you know exactly what your task is.
  3. Focus on getting your tasks done.
  4. Give yourself reasonable deadlines and meet them!
  5. Ignore the urge to perfect and ask yourself ‘am I progressing?’

Follow these tips every day and you’ll start re-training your brain – you’ll automatically start seeing progress.

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  • If you’re not progressing, you’re not being productive.
  • If you’re not being productive, you’re not growing your business.
  • If you’re not growing your business, you’re not making more money.
  • If you’re not making more money, you have less to help yourself and others with.

Good luck getting productive and progressing forward!

As always, I know you can do it!







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