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– This is a new, beta program launch and I’m absolutely dedicated to making sure you succeed! You see your success, is my success, so not only would I love your feedback but I’d love to do some case studies too which means you have an opportunity to get your business in front of my audience too!

12-week build your business program:

  • 9 x live group coaching calls with Kerrie over 12 weeks
  • 9 x weekly Q&A time to ask all your questions and get answers
  • 9 x weekly open office hours where I’m hanging out to coach
  • Every 4th week is a catch up week so you don’t get behind
  • 1 personal strategy call – my eyeballs on your stuff
  • Facebook Ads training, tutorials and specific live coaching calls
  • 12 video modules – step by step roadmap to build your business framework and start making more money!
  • Dedicated Facebook group for the program members only
  • Membership area with video modules, trainings, PDF’s, worksheets, templates, swipe files ++
  • Additional training highlights – spiritual selling, creating your high-ticket signature offer, spiritual CEO mindset,
  • All live coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to the membership site so you can watch them anytime if you can’t attend live
  • Tools, software, usability suggestions and tutorials to make sure you’re clear every step of the way and don’t get stuck
  • FREE – I’m giving you my Rich Revolution course for FREE – my money mindset course (reg $497) for spiritual entrepreneurs
  • Life time access to all of it!

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–> Choose 3 payments of $533
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Do you struggle to know exactly what actions or steps you should be taking in your business? Steps that will actually get you results?

Do you get stuck doing days of research, bogged down with information overload?

How many hours or days go by until you finally look back and wonder what you’ve actually accomplished?

It’s okay, we’ve all been there! The trick is not to stay there for good until your dreams die with your lack of cash flow – ugh!

Don’t let another day go by without a clear and strategic plan for success and growth in your business!

I’ve made it a total no-brainer for you skip the ‘time-wasters’, ‘money-misers’ line-up and start spending your time actually getting the results you want!

Don’t waste another minute! Honestly, please don’t.

I wasted tons of time and thought I’d be able to figure it all out and not spend any money and get massive results.

I was wrong.

I actually wasted months before I finally realized that as soon as I invested in myself, in a high end coach and my own education, then I could energetically, through the laws of the universe and with my own expertise, attract the life and business I knew I deserved!

Trust me, it’s not fun wasting time and hoping and wishing for something so badly to happen, then it doesn’t!

This is exactly why I created this program…

So you don’t have to linger in stress wondering if you’ll make money this month or next month or if you’ll have to give up on your dream and go back to working for someone else.

So you don’t have to get frustrated trying all the things.

So you don’t have to be embarrassed because it just doesn’t seem to be working yet and everyone’s watching you!

So you don’t run out of time!

Use the strategies and steps I’ve put together to grow your 6-figure business just like I have!

I know when you need to make money, spending money may not be easy. I totally understand that reality. I lived on peanut butter and crackers for a week once many years ago, so I get it!

This is why I’ve intentionally set up the program so you can reserve your seat and get into the program for smaller payments if you need it. I don’t want you to miss out on something that could change your life!

Make a commitment to your own success! Join us if it’s your time!





Don’t miss your special price SAVE!
–> Choose 6 payments of $288
–> Choose 3 payments of $533
–> Choose pay in full $1497 and SAVE!