Getting organized can be so elusive sometimes.

We feel like we’re too busy to tackle it or too tired!

If you just make a little time for it, getting organized can really pay off! I discovered recently, that feeling like your house is organized can actually make you feel happier! I wrote about it in more depth here if you want to have a read.

Who doesn’t want to feel happier?! It gave me big motivation to get organized myself!

Lets get down to the real task at hand, how do we get organized!?

5 Tips to Getting Organized

  1. Get rid of clutter. Try it in stages if its hard to do:
    1. Separate the things you know for sure you don’t want or use anymore. Donate them, have a yard sale or throw them away.
    2. Have a maybe pile. Things you’re not sure about – you might still use it or it has sentimental value. Let these items just sit for now.
    3. If you’re keeping everything else, find a place for it and  put it away.
    4. Go back to your maybe pile with fresh eyes and you’ll be surprised how many things you’ll end up getting rid of!
  2. Everything has a place. Make sure everyone in your family knows where things are supposed to go and make sure they put it away.
  3. Use containers and labels. Everything will be where you expect and it makes your environment look and feel much more organized.
  4. One in, one out. When you get something new, see if there is something else you can get rid of to put in its place. That way you’re not collecting more and more things.
  5. Start small. If you’re feeling overwhelmed start small and work your way up to the big jobs. Start with a small room or a small project first.

With these simplified tips you should be able to get organized everywhere you want and pretty quickly too!

Don’t forget about organizing your work space. Become more productive and make more money!

I’ve written another post called ‘Desk for Success‘, it’ll help you know how and why to get your work space organized and how to be more productive! Remember being more productive usually means making more money!

Share your tips for getting organized in the comments below! I’d love to hear your ideas!



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