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I’m really excited for this tutorial! I hope its the catalyst that changes your life today!

I have a full step-by-step tutorial below with screen shots for you to easily follow and set up your blog today!

If you have a dream to work from home or create an online business then a blog is the best place to start. Blogs today have changed and are becoming a very important tool in almost all online businesses.

If you’re a mom with a busy life starting a blog could give you the opportunity to stay at home with your kids and enjoy spending more time with them.

It can provide you and your family with extra income and a lot more freedom. Many bloggers have retired their husbands!

Some of my favorite top bloggers are making $10,000 to $40,000 per month blogging! Yep, that’s right per month!

  • Abby from A Girl and Her Blog make has made over $40,000 in a month
  • Sarah Titus from makes $25,000 in a month
  • The Frugal Millionaire makes $3,000 a month for 10 hours of work

These aren’t immediate results of course, they’ve put a lot of time and effort into growing their blog and subscribers, but its entirely possible to make as much as you want if you put in the work.

They all started from nothing!

Of course you don’t have to get into blogging to make money, many bloggers are blogging just for the sake of writing or expressing themselves and many businesses are blogging to stay in touch with their readers or customers.

There’s a big shift happening in how we acquire and consume knowledge. Everyday people like you and me are seeking or providing valuable information and experience online through blogs and websites. Instead of just taking courses at schools or universities people are learning through other people.

In fact, there are people out there right now looking for the very information you probably know and could easily share on your blog!

This all means more opportunity for you!

If you start a blog today, imagine where you could be in 6 months or a year from now.

If you don’t start today, time will still go by and in 6 months or a year you’ll wish you had started!

Starting a blog doesn’t have to be a daunting task, you don’t have to have everything ‘perfect’ before you start. In fact one of my most important mantras is ‘Progress not Perfection’. You can read my post about it here. Its too easy to get caught up in the details and not move forward. So don’t worry about what you don’t know or how it looks, just get the framework up! The rest will come and you can work on improving the details later.

I’ll be writing more articles on how to blog, how to write a post, what to write about, how to monetize your blog, technical information, growing your email & subscribers, creating opt-ins, Pinterest, marketing and so much more! So you’ll have lots of resources to continue your journey.

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