Did you know that being organized is proven to actually make you feel happier! Wow!

Time for a little spring cleaning I’d say!

You’ll feel happier, more relaxed and it will be easier to focus when your life is organized.

According to a study by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, women who felt that their house was organized and less cluttered were actually happier then women who described living in a less organized environment. The women with more clutter actually felt more depressed throughout the day. How’s that for motivation to organize!

A more organized and finished home creates a restorative environment and can make you feel happier as the day goes on.

One important part of the study indicates that perception has a big influence on how you describe or consider your space. Have a more positive perception then you’re more likely to feel happier during the day.

One reason I started one of my businesses was out of a desire to get organized. My purse was a mess and I wanted something quick and simple for my phone, cards and money when I went out. So I created the cell phone wallet’s I now sell. You never know what getting organized can lead to!

Need some ideas to help you get organized? Have a look at 5 Tips to Getting Organized!

Good luck! I hope this helped push you that little bit towards a cleaner, happier day!

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