I love this title! An inspiring and organized work space makes me so much more productive! It makes me want to spend more time working and I’m much happier sitting at my desk. Its an idea that has always had significance truth for me because I’m a very visual person.

I need my surroundings to be inspiring, clean, organized and well, pretty. Even if you’re not a visual person most people feel more relaxed in a clean, pleasing environment.

Researchers at Princeton University actually discovered that having a cluttered space can make it more difficult to focus on a specific task. In fact, if you have too much unrelated visual stimuli it confuses your brain, you become overwhelmed and much less productive. I knew it!

Cluttered and unorganized spaces also make women feel less happy and more depressed. Check out my post here about how clutter can affect you and how to make it better.

I took this idea straight to my desk! When we built our house I designed a small room that I could use as an art studio or office. It quickly became a shared space with my two girls as they were always close underfoot so it included a double desk for them as well.

I bought a huge, vintage L-shaped desk and bookshelf for $75 that fit perfectly in my corner. I placed it right under the window so that I have a beautiful view of the countryside and trees plus lots of natural sunlight!

It was an ugly brown faux wood so I painted it bright white and kept the awesome silver, post modern handles that came on it. It has a ton of space for my laptop, papers, drawings, a lamp and some decorative items.

Your work space can be anywhere – an office, your bedroom, living room or even outside. Wherever you feel most comfortable and most productive!

Make your office a place you love to be in. A place that makes you feel inspired and happy.

6 Tips to ‘Desk for Success’ & Create a Productive Work Area

  1. Create a dedicated work space
  2. Get the physical set up you need
  3. Make sure your desk is visually appealing
  4. Add accessories, color, inspiration to your desk
  5. Reduce visual clutter
  6. Put up pictures or quotes that inspire you – check out my Free Printables

Add some color and inspiration to your walls or desk, download my collection of free motivational printables, day planner, cards and more!

I hope this helps you become more successful in the long run, but in the meantime, I hope you get more organized and feel excited to sit at your desk!

What’s your favorite thing about your desk, work space or studio?



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