Read my journey below about how I started my blog!

I’m going to record my journey as I create this blog and track what and how I do everything! I hope its helpful to you in creating or building your own blog!

*If you’re ready to start your own blog check out my complete ‘How to Set up A Blog, Step-by-Step’ tutorial here!

  1. Well, I decided to create a blog!
    1. I know, it seems obvious but I’ve thought about creating a community or support system with information for other girl bosses or women entrepreneurs for a long time. I finally just decided I needed an outlet for all of the ideas that were accumulating and took the first step to starting my blog. Make sure you find something you really love!
  2. What is the purpose of my blog?
    1. I really wanted to have a clear answer to this question for myself. For me, I wanted a blog for a few reasons. The biggest reason is because I’m passionate about women in business and entrepreneurs! I feel like I have a lot of information and knowledge to share and I really wanted to help other women. I knew it would be a lot of work and so I knew I needed to be passionate about taking this on.
    2. Also, I wanted the right place to offer my free courses, e-books and training.
    3. Lastly, I wanted to generate an income. This is when I really dove deep into research and realized that I needed to approach my new blog as a full-on business!
  3. I did a little research into blogging.
    1. I looked at blogs I liked, blogs that made me feel comfortable and welcome, and blogs that created value. I assessed what I liked about them or didn’t like about them, what I would do differently, or what perspective I could take based on my experiences. I read posts about starting blogs & making money online, to income reports and mommy blogs. I think research is so important so read as much as you can before you start!
  4. Decided on a name.
    1. Okay, so I really thought about this a lot. I didn’t want something that wasn’t suitable if my blog evolved or I decided to make a change somewhere along the way. I know it’ll always be about business and I know I’m passionate about doing good things in the world. So the two ideas combined worked well for ‘Soul Profit Business’. Just be careful you don’t box yourself into something too specific and you have some wiggle room!
    2. As soon as I decided on my name I purchased the domain name and hosting! I recommend Bluehost you can see their set up in my tutorial here. They make setting up a WordPress blog seamless!
  5. Starting with the technical, blog building.
    1. Setting up the blog has been a pretty straight forward part for me as I’ve had enough experience with this type of technical stuff. Even if you don’t have experience, its pretty straight forward. I found that all of the top bloggers were using WordPress so that’s what I chose. I didn’t even research options, I just knew if they’re using it, then there must be good reasons for it!
    2. I’ve found a number of great plugins for WordPress which I think is an amazing bonus! Stats, which I love, SEO, grammar, security and more! I’ll add a more detailed list later.
  6. Picking a theme.
    1. I looked at a lot of themes before I chose one. I didn’t want to do work that I might have to change later if I changed themes. There are a ton of free WordPress themes to choose from for all kinds of different looks. I thought about you guys – my readers 🙂 and what you would like or what I would like, as I’m my own demographic too! I started with a free theme called Anissa by AlienWP. For now, its simple, easy to navigate and clean. I also have my eye on a paid theme called Brunch Pro on the Genesis Framework that I’ll be upgrading to. It’s a very well respected and safe (very important) theme. They also have the options that I know I’m going to be needing and wanting as my blog grows.
  7. Building my blog.
    1. When I set up my blog in WordPress I found some great plugins that are really awesome and helpful in so many ways! In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, plugins are basically apps that you can add to your site that offer different functionality to your blog. There are a lot of them, so browse through or search keywords to see what plugins are available.
    2. So far I’ve added the JetPack plugin for stats, an SEO plugin and a security plugin. I’ll keep updating as I add more!
  8. Building valuable content.
    1. This to me is the most important part of building a blog. My goal is to serve you and provide as much valuable content as I can. I really hope its helpful 🙂
    2. I plan to offer different types of content too. In addition to regular blog posts I’m working on some courses, e-books worksheets! I’ll try and develop a worksheet around my excel document for organizing my blog, I think you’ll find it really helpful in staying organized! I’m loving it!
    3. I’ve decided to focus on a few specific topics and only write content about business/entrepreneurship (with a focus on women), getting organized (as many of us work from home and being organized is essential) and specifically online business and blogging . I want there to be an easy understanding of what’s available or what you can expect when you arrive at Soul Profit Business!
  9. Create appealing images and headlines.
    1. I’m creating images for each of my blog posts using Pic Monkey. I’m trying to develop a cohesive appearance so that my site will flow nicely, be appealing and easy to understand. I’m using images and colors that work well with my blog and maintain a professional appearance. I’ve taken some photos that I’m using and I’ve also found some free images as well that I like. I’m working on doing another photo shoot so I’ll have more of my own original photos to work with as well.
    2. The headlines are a work in progress! I will usually write down the main idea and then tweak it so that its an attractive headline. Nice and juicy! I want my headlines to explain what problem my post is solving for my readers. Its not always easy to come up with the right words! I found if I think about it a bit then the right wording usually finds its way out!
  10. Getting organized! Oh My!
    1. I have an excel document with 5 different tabs that I’m using to organize my blog right now. One section is for my blog posts where I can write down any ideas for posts, links, worksheets, images or anything else I might include with it. I also have a blog schedule for posts and other stuff!
    2. I’m working on redecorating and organizing my office right now. I find that when I have a really relaxing, clean, pretty space to work in I’m super productive! What do you think?
  11. Monetizing my Blog!
    1. I’ve been wanting to focus on set up, functionality and getting some content posted before I move forward with monetizing my blog. My primary focus is on valuable content first, an appealing layout and then I’ll start adding ways to make some money. I know I’m going to use affiliate links and I’m also working on courses and e-books, some that will be free and some paid.

…the journey continues! I have some catching up to do so check back soon!







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