Hello friends! My name is Kerrie and I love helping other soul-inspired women build their businesses, gain confidence in their amazing abilities and live the life they’re dreaming of!

I’ve been obsessed with business & entrepreneurship for most of my life. I love it!

I have a special place in my heart for women in business 🙂

Its not always been an easy road for many entrepreneurs, with social expectations (even today), families to raise, the fear of putting ourselves out there and trying to find the time to focus and dedicate to a business. We need to be there for each other and I truly believe anyone can do anything!

You may need the support and some information to get there, but you CAN do it!

I’ve always thought like an entrepreneur, its been my go to way of thinking since I was a kid. It led me to art school, an illustration business, management jobs, and then to my own 6 figure business. Along the way I’ve learned a lot and I’m eager to share that knowledge and experience, mistakes and new discoveries with others.

In the beginning of my career I had the privilege of working and learning with a group of powerful business women. They ran the entire company in powerful executive and management roles on the Wall Street of Canada, Bay Street, in Toronto. It was a multi-million dollar company that produced courses and events for the business community. We taught people in some of the biggest businesses in Canada and US. The Director of Marketing took me under her wing and I learned more in the years I worked there, than I did anywhere else.

Since then I’ve been a GM and VP for multi-million dollar businesses, implementing marketing and business growth strategies that have increased revenue and demand for products.

On to now and the last 10 years where I’ve been operating and growing my own businesses as an entrepreneur and CEO of my own companies! I’ve created a 6-figure business that’s socially and environmentally responsible and is completely build on my own ethics and beliefs in life!

These experience’s have given me confidence as a woman in business and showed me what was possible! They’ve given me my dream life and everything I’ve wanted! We’ve built our own eco-friendly house in the country on our beautiful acreage, we have horses which has been my dream as I rode as a teenager, we go to our cottage every summer and have done some massive traveling this year, plus so much more!

I want to pay all of the experience’s I’ve had forward and help other women build their businesses with confidence and ease!

I’m working on a huge list of women in business and entrepreneur blog post ideas, lifestyle, worksheets, inspiration, free courses and e-books! Whew! I’m really excited about it all.

Why the name ‘Soul Profit Business’?

I thought very carefully about the name I wanted to choose for this business. I wanted to share knowledge, teach courses, have a community and more. I wanted this to be a supportive, empowering, entrepreneurial focused site for women in all stages of business. Mostly, I wanted to have a focus on the idea of paying it forward, a world of balance and kindness. This is something we women in business are great at! We all want, deserve and need to make a great income but many of us understand the influence we have in the world as business owners as well.

When I started one of my businesses I knew that if I was going to ask for other peoples money, for a product I designed, then I wanted to give back to the world somehow, it had to all come full circle. I wanted my business to have a positive influence on the world, even just a little. So in doing research for the name, I discovered something I have never heard of. I’ll write a full post about it later and link back to it here when its done. I decided to not only donate a portion of my proceeds to the welfare of our planet but to also tell a story to help educate others in the hopes of preventing past mistakes.

So my point here is that it is so much more rewarding to me to pursue my business goals and dreams along with a commitment to give back somehow. This is why the name of my business is Soul Profit Business. Its a reminder that its okay, in fact its great, to make lots of money, be profitable and enjoy those rewards for your hard work.

Always remember to pay it forward somehow, maintain that balance between your soul and your material life. Its a reminder to my own commitments, and with this blog I promise to keep that in mind!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything I’ve shared and hear about your businesses as well!

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