Staying productive can definitely be a challenge sometimes.

Especially if you work from home and you have kids (and animals) like I do, lots of distractions and a house that’s always begging to be cleaned! Even when I worked at my 9-5 job, some days were just a struggle to get anything real accomplished.

I’ve always been a pretty ‘busy’ person mentally, so being productive is part of my nature but being productive in the ‘right’ areas has always been the key! Getting those significant, big things done are often elusive.

So over time I’ve figured out how to streamline and focus my production to really get things done.

Here are my 5 Tips to Staying Productive Working from Home:

  1. I create a schedule for myself and keep to it. I make sure that everything that’s important to me is included on the schedule and that the time allowed for different tasks are reasonable. The very first thing on my schedule is ‘rise with anticipation’, a simple reminder to be thankful for all that I have. So I even include time for myself like having a shower, and time for my tea and toast, all the way to marketing, product development and writing for my business. I also have some time allocated to take a moment for gratitude, and time to empower. By empower I mean that I take some time for myself, for self-growth, whatever it is that day, maybe its self-improvement or business learning, something self indulgent! I’m also strict about scheduling dinner prep. Its important to me to be able stop work in time to prepare dinner at the same time daily. That way I know I have enough time to prepare a healthy meal and have it ready at our usual dinner time. If you schedule the expectations you have for yourself, plus the things your body and mind need during the day, then you’ll feel more fulfilled, less stressed and better able to focus. I created a Day Plan Printable to use for my schedule that I’d love to share with you!
  2. Set goals! Tell your family and friends so that you’ll feel more accountable for your goals. Break up your goals into smaller chunks, this will make them much easier to manage. Get my free Focus & Motivation Workbook to help you set goals, understand your priorities and distractions and with 50 tips to help you get motivated and focused. Click here for your free copy!

    Get my Free Focus & Motivation Workbook! (click on image)
  3. Create a comfortable and appealing work environment. You can check out my other post about how to ‘Desk for Success‘! Setting up my own desk in a pretty, organized way has made me absolutely love working at my desk! I have more desk for success ideas for you here!
  4. Get enough sleep and exercise. These can both be tough, when you have little ones sometimes sleep is a real challenge or even if you don’t have children sometimes stress and thinking too much can really keep you awake. Try to get enough sleep if you can though. Listen to your body it knows how much sleep you need. Try reading a book before bed and stop working at least an hour before you sleep. If you’re tired your productivity will really slow down. On the other side if you’re sitting while you’re working then definitely take a break during the day and get some exercise. If you think skipping exercise will be better and you’ll get more done you’re probably wrong. Getting out for a quick walk can really refresh your body, get your blood flowing and get your brain moving!
  5. Reward yourself when you’ve achieved big or difficult goals. Even a small reward can create that positive association in your brain so next you’ll be even more motivated!

A look at my Free Day Planner below…

Download free day planner printable!


I created the FREE Printable Day Planner so that I could write down all of the important things that I need to make time for every day. Many of them are the same daily tasks and include things like:

  • Morning Self Care
  • Customer Service
  • Production & Order Fulfillment
  • Writing & Research
  • Lunch & Exercise

Under each main category I write down individual tasks that I need to complete and I include a time frame so that I know I can fit all of the things I need to get done into my day!

You can use it for work or home, organizing your kids and just about anything else you can think of! Here’s a preview of the day planner below, click here to get FREE access!

Download free day planner printable!



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