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Rich Revolution Book

10 Principles to create a wealthy money mindset.

The enlightened, entrepreneurial path to a successful and wealthy money mindset. Learn how to unlock the secret thinking within your mind to build a life of wealth and freedom!

In this revolutionary, step-by-step book you’ll discover 10 essential principles to master your money mindset presented in a simple, yet thoughtful blueprint. Learn how to think like a millionaire and take a journey through a spiritual program of self discovery.

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Kerrie Lent

Kerrie Lent

My main mission is to see women succeed! Regardless of what it takes! I want to see you achieve your goals and passions and have the life of freedom you dream of for yourself and your family. You might already have a business or be thinking of starting a business. I'm here to support you no matter what stage you're at, your abilities or your confidence. I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience with you to help you grow and exceed even your own expectations. The entire journey starts with your mindset, let's map out your new achievements today!

Soul Profit Business

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Entrepreneur & Business Tips

Grow your business, branding tips, motivation and money mindset strategies...
It includes 50 Tips to stay motivated, goal setting chart, 20 quotes, focus card +
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