Mega Pro Business Blast Off Program



Mega Pro Business Blast-off

Want to get your business started off with a bang this 2018?!

I’m offering very limited openings, application only, for the Mega Pro Business Blast-Off coaching package!

This is a super-specialized program.

Built for those who are ambitious and know that they want to build their own business but are having trouble moving forward. You’re struggling – you’re overwhelmed and not sure which steps to take to move forward quickly and successfully.

You want someone to help you through the day-to-day, show you what you should be focusing on and when, help you decide what’s going to take you to the next level and how you’re going to get there.

You’ll move through in one month, what might take you 6 months to a year on your own! I’ll give you direction, information, ideas, strategies, techniques and more to help you achieve your dream goals in record time!

We’ll cover branding, marketing, business overview, strategy sessions, monetization plan, email marketing, storytelling, copyrighting and more.

We’ll progress, expand and evolve you and your business.

We’ll figure out what’s holding you back and blast it out of the way 🙂

Its a fast-paced, no-nonsense program for those who are positive, driven and ambitious to succeed. Whether you’re just starting out or have a business in place we can start planning and strategizing to move you in the right direction quickly, efficiently and successfully.

Some of the things we’ll cover:

  • Identify or refine your target market & avatar
  • Develop a brand and brand strategy
  • Marketing and social media plan
  • Products and content plan
  • Email marketing plan
  • Monetization plan
  • Mindset work – money mindset, confidence, business strategy

The Mega Pro Business Blast Off program includes:

  • 5 x 1:1 calls with Kerrie per week
  • Anytime connect – Call or email Kerrie
  • 10 Branded graphics for your business
  • Strategy sessions
  • Planning sessions
  • Branding, marketing & social media sessions
  • Content development sessions
  • Mindset and visualization sessions
  • Unlimited email access
  • Direct phone line access
  • ++ more


  • Includes Free access to my future monthly group program – $1782 Value
  • Includes a Free copy of my new book Rich Revolution

Invest today at $4997 for 1 month of mega intensive business development coaching and strategizing.

Why me?

I developed Soul Profit Business to help ambitious entrepreneurs up-level their lives and grow profitable, intentional and successful businesses. I work with people to develop their skills, confidence and strategies to reach out and achieve their dreams. I focus on growth, making a lot of money and serving others and the world in a meaningful, positive way.

I’m a  professional woman with a ton of business experience under my belt in marketing, branding, business & product development and growth. I know how to manage, focus and get things done for successful results. I’ve been a GM and VP in real world businesses and an entrepreneur with my own successful businesses.

I’m easy to get along with but every minute we’ll spend together will be efficiently planned and laid out to get you to your end goals quickly and successfully. I’ll push you, have big expectations and there will be a lot to do as we’ll be fitting a lot into one month.

You’ll come out of our month together with a fully evolved or revamped business, ready to take on the world, monetize, share your story and help others find the solutions only you can provide them.

Choose to make now the change in your life you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t waste time, invest in making it happen now!

We’ll go on an amazing journey together, like no other, where you’ll come out a new person, with a soul-filling, profitable business – spending your days doing something you love, helping others and being part of something greater than yourself.

Contact me directly using the contact form below to discuss your eligibility, and to see if you’re a good fit, for this limited-seat program.








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