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Having a mentor or a coach can be life changing. When I was younger I was very lucky to have an amazing female executive as my business mentor. Having a mentor gave me the confidence, business experience and knowledge to kick off a very successful career in entrepreneurship and business management.

Sometimes we just need someone fresh to come in with a different perspective, experience and motivation from ourselves. Making that simple decision to ask for help can create success, personal fulfillment and eliminate stress within both your business and personal lives.

Finding purpose in your life and fulfilling work that provides the income and the emotional rewards you seek can be elusive but its absolutely possible! I can help you achieve it!

I have seen it first hand, a business owner waiting to reach out for help before the damage is done. They’re overwhelmed and stressed out and their days are becoming less and less productive and more about managing operations and keeping the business running smoothly. There’s no time for business development or planning and sometimes real issues or opportunities get missed or ignored because the owners attention is distracted from strategic planning and focused on managing day to day activities.

I’m here to make sure you stop the procrastination, start taking action and create 5 figure months and a 6-figure business!

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My Coaching Style

Its my honor to have the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs in all different industries, at different stages of business and all over the world.

I know that every business and entrepreneur is different and has different needs and goals. That’s why I personalize each of my programs to fit you, your business and your needs. My business is your success, so I want to make sure you get the absolute most out of our time together.

Through strategic evaluations, planning and goal setting we’ll work together to create methods and strategies to organize your business, create priorities, financial goals, implement efficient systems and achieve your dreams and goals!

Business coaching is provided throughout the month with one on one video calls between me, yourself and additional employees if they’ll benefit from a session. I assess your needs and goals and help you to develop an action plan, direction and strategy based on your desired outcomes, personal needs and business goals. We’ll uncover where your business is struggling, or could have potential growth, what needs you have as the owner, and how we can develop and implement solutions to drive the results you’re looking for.

My approach towards business management and coaching is to work and treat others with respect, kindness and generosity.

To work efficiently and productively.

To create focus-driven results and success.

To create strategies and systems that will enable you to gain the freedom you dream of while increasing your profits and passions.

To make a difference in peoples lives so that others can make a difference in the world.

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My Experience

I have 15 plus years of real life business and entrepreneurial experience including running multi-million dollar businesses working as a GM and VP in an environmentally focused business as well as, at an online products business.

I currently run my own 6 figure online products business, as well as Soul Profit Business which is my absolute passion. I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to share and help other women grow successful businesses and I’d love to help you with your business dreams and goals.

My Commitment

There’s nothing magic about success. It comes from making the right decisions, believing in yourself and using the right strategies and systems. Let’s be clear, the best way to achieve amazing results is to take action and do the work. Get rich quick schemes just don’t exist.

If its time for you to get dedicated and take action, I will show you how to use your time effectively, so you can achieve more and work less, while growing your business and achieving your dreams and freedom. That’s what we’re all working for right? I’ll be there by your side, to keep you moving forward, keep you on track and accountable and make sure you take the most profitable, but quickest, route to success for your business.

Its time to take back control.

To focus and work with intention.

Set your goals and accomplish them.

Time to create passion in your day, to fulfill your soul and share your highest and best self with the world.

Its time to turn your dreams into reality, to make an impact, to turn your ideals into something tangible, to start making a difference now.

Procrastination is the nemesis of growth and growth is exactly what you need… so stop procrastinating!

Let’s build the business you’ve been dreaming of!

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Hear What My Clients are Saying

“I would highly recommend Kerrie to anyone looking for a professional, hard working coach and business strategist. She has a wonderful creative flair and outstanding business acumen.”

“Kerrie has considerable skill and ability relating to overall product marketing and business management.”

“She helped coach us in preparing and implementing a very professional and detailed business plan for my company [that resulted in acquiring a 6 figure business loan].”

“Kerrie is a very kind-hearted individual who worked well with me personally [the President] and with all of my staff.”

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