Comment Policy

I’m always excited to know that people are reading my posts and if you’re taking the time to comment, thanks so much! The only requirement I have here is to be kind, professional and helpful. No harsh judging or mean comments, no exceptions. Let’s support and encourage each other, be positive and kind!

Disclosure Policy

I am very dedicated to being completely transparent on my blog. Through this blog I am providing a lot of free content that I hope is super helpful to my readers. I also hope to generate some income from this blog as well. In doing so I will always follow any appropriate and required rules in doing so. I reside in Canada and our policies are not quite as defined so I have chosen to follow the requirements in the United States. They are a little more strict and clear and I expect Canada will be following closely. As I will be providing my opinion, endorsements and testimonials, either positive or not – depending on my opinion, I want to provide the following information to you:

  • Some of the content on this blog is a source of income and we may provide opinions, testimonials, advertise for other businesses or promote products or services.
  • We may receive compensation for some affiliates referrals.
  • We will only promote or provide opinions/comments on products that we think will be beneficial or a positive experience to our readers.
  • We will only ever provide our most honest opinion about any product or service we review.

You can trust us.

We promise to operate with honesty and integrity in all of our opinions, representation and business endeavours. You, our readers are our number one priority.

Privacy Policy

We do not share personal information with third parties. We do not store your information other than to analyze or optimize your experience and our content through the use of cookies on our blog.

Should you choose to provide it, we may collect your information such as name and email address. We will not sell or distribute user’s email addresses without their consent. We may use third party partners such as email and newsletter providers for these purposes.

Should you have any questions please contact Kerrie at kerrie {at} soulprofitbusiness {dot} com

These policies are subject to change without notice and were last updated on May 1, 2017.